Hummer huren!

15 11 2010

Het huren van een echte HMMWV (HUMVEE/HUMMER) is geschikt voor uiteenlopende activiteiten en evenementen.
U bedenkt het en wij zullen het samen met u geheel verzorgen naar uw wensen! Boek nu bij hummer

Combat Identification Panel (CIP)

12 01 2015

Combat Identification Panel (CIP), also known as a Coalition Identification Panel, is a device mounted on military ground vehicles to distinguish them from the enemy during battle. Here are some pictures and specs.

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Super Clean Humvee Pickup Truck For Sale in the Netherlands

12 01 2015

When AM General introduced the Humvee in 1984, it was expected that some people will convert the military vehicle for civilian use. Remember that we’re talking about the High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, not the GM-made Hummer H1, which was underpinned by a modified GMC 2500HD chassis.

Let’s begin with the essentials. Located in a little Dutch city called Geesteren, the seller says that the butch four-wheel drive machine was first registered in 1986, but it only shows 120 miles on the clock. How come? Well, the explanation is that every essential mechanical and electric bit has been rebuilt.
That’s how much this guy loves his American pickup truck. Both the engine and drivetrain have been rebuilt, while new bits and bobs include things such as: brake calipers and lines, suspension, shocks, alternator, brake booster, tires, oil cooler, water radiator, head wire and black box, solenoid valve and time module delay, steering wheel, dashboard and seats. That amounts to a heck of a lot of money, wouldn’t you agree?

There’s even LED lights at the front and side markers, for crying out loud! But the best bit of the deal is the asking price. An unarmored HMMWV cost around $65,000 back in 1986. Civilian conversion and restoration costs aside, have a guess how much this Dutchy wants for his pride and joy. Close but no cigar. In fact, the man asks just 35,000 euros for it, or roughly $45,960. That’s what we’d call a steal.

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Roemania Humvee

27 07 2014

Humvee at airport in Roemania

Humvee roll over test

22 07 2014

Tank Hatch Humvee

7 02 2014

Example off a tank hatch in the Humvee M1026. In the rear of the Gunners platform

Humvee @Video Clip

4 02 2014

Nice original humvee in a ZoNaMo Video Rap clip!

Humvee Shoot out. Mooi filmpje van een nieuwe humvee hummver

18 12 2013

Humvee deur vs .50 M2

18 12 2013

Humvee windshield vs AK

18 12 2013

Humvee with IBIS TEC brushguard

1 12 2013

Humvee with IBIS TEC brushguard