Humvee Light Vehicle Obscuration Smoke System (LVOSS) (NSN 1040-01-454-1625)

4 07 2011

Light Vehicle Obscuration Smoke System (LVOSS) (NSN 1040-01-454-1625), Vehicle Mounted Nonlethal Grenade Launcher (VMNLGL).
The LVOSS (previously known as VMNLGL) is a self-defense smoke obscurant and non lethal device system externally mounted on light vehicles, primarily the Highly Mobile Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV). The LVOSS uses M90 smoke grenades which are low in toxicity and which minimize safety hazards to personnel and the environment. The system can also be used to deliver anti-riot grenades (L96A1, L97A1, M98, and M99).

Installation kit M305 (NSN 1055-01-449-1530):

  • Used on M1025/1026 HMMWV.
  • Four M7 dischargers, roof mounted.
  • One arming/firing unit.
  • One wiring harness (NSN 6150-01-454-1626).
  • One installation kit (NSN 1055-01-449-1531).

M315 Grenade Launcher Installation Kit (NSN )
“Installation Kit, Grenade Launcher: Adjustable, Multi-purpose, 66mm, Turret Mounted, M315.” Installs M7 smoke grenade dischargers onto light vehicles. The M315 installation kit provides a temporary platform for hardtop HMMWV variants to fire 66mm grenades. It works in combination with the M98, M99, L96A1, and L97A1 66mm non-lethal grenades and extends the M98 and M99 capabilities with a bracket that allows the launch angle to be depressed for firing between 50, 75, and 100 meters.

  • M966, M1025/1026, M1043/1044, M1045/1046 HMMWVs.
  • Each kit contains hardware to equip 2 vehicles.
  • Temporary installation.
  • No vehicle modification required.



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