Alles over GPS PLGR AN/PSN-11 NAVI

12 01 2012

Handige link:

CHARACTERISTICS: The AN/PSN-11 is less than 9.5 inches long, 4.1 inches wide, and

2.6 inches deep. It weighs 2.75 pounds with all batteries in place. The small size and light weight

make the set easy to carry and use. The durable plastic case is sealed for all-weather use.

The precision lightweight global positioning system receiver

(PLGR) is a highly accurate satellite signal navigation set (referred to as AN/PSN-11).

The AN/PSN-11 is designed for battlefield use anywhere in the world. It is sealed watertight for

all weather day or night operation. The AN/PSN-11 is held in the left hand and operated with the

thumb of the left hand. Capability is included for installation in ground facilities and air, sea, and

land vehicles. The AN/PSN-11 is operated stand-alone using prime battery power and integral

antenna. It can be used with an external power source and external antenna.

The AN/PSN-11 provides the user with position coordinates, time, and navigation information if

no obstructions block the line-of-sight satellite signal from reaching the antenna. Valid crypto

keys are used to protect the AN/PSN-11 from intentionally degraded satellite signals.

Many data fields, such as elevation, display units of information. The format of the units can be

changed to the most familiar format.

Map coordinates are entered as a waypoint. When a waypoint is selected as a destination, the

AN/PSN-11 provides steering indications, azimuth, and range information to the destination. A

desired course to a waypoint is entered. Offset distance from this course line is shown.

Up to 999 waypoints can be entered, stored, and selected as a destination. A route is defined for

navigation either start-to-end or end-to-start. The route consists of up to nine legs (10 way

points) linked together.

ANPSN-11 handleiding.pdf





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