Humvee Shoot out. Mooi filmpje van een nieuwe humvee hummver

18 12 2013

Humvee deur vs .50 M2

18 12 2013

Humvee windshield vs AK

18 12 2013

Op welke manier bevestig je een humvee hummer bumper?

26 05 2013

Hieronder een aantal foto’s…
bevestiging bumper2
bevestiging bumper

Iraqi Humvee’s 2008

16 03 2013

Iraqi security forces completed the delivery of the first 1,000 up-armoured High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), pronounced ‘Humvee’, previously used by the U.S. military, as part of a program that began in March 2008. Iraqi security forces are expected to receive 8,500 Humvees through this program by late 2009

HMMWV armour configs

13 01 2013

Om je auto wat te verstevigen!

Rebuilding Rear Calipers off the Humvee

8 01 2013

Documentatie voor onderhoud aan je remcylinder, download hem hieronder:

Rebuilding Rear Calipers off the humvee

Mooi artikel met Nederlandse Humvee in Military Machines International -feb 2013

8 01 2013

Military Machines International -feb 2013

The Component Testing and Troubleshooting document from AMG!

8 01 2013

Download hier:
The Component Testing and Troubleshooting document from AMG!
HMMWV_Test Diagnostics

How to remove a run flat from humvee tire

19 11 2012

It is not the official way to remove a runflat tire but it works! What do you need?
– two forklifts
– rope
– long iron bar
– some wood bloks
– a lot off grease or soap

Put a tire under the forlift (picture 1) and put a rope around the runflat tire(picture2).
Grease the tire and runflat good!(picture 3 and 4). Then pull the runflat and make tension on it (picture 5) with the forklift. Then put on the wood and wig it with a ironbar(picture 6). Put a gentle tension on it and now the runflat will slowly come out!(picture 7)