HUMVEE Shootout

17 10 2013

How to upgrade you humvee! More preformance, less smoke signiture en upgrades everywere!
You can expand the life time of the humvee

Humvee in Night Vision

22 08 2013

Humvee night vision 2

Humvee night vision

Humvee night vision 3

Original Humvee Tow Bar

19 11 2012

-Tow Capacity: Up to 17,500 lbs WLL
-Simple connection to pintle of towing vehicle and front lifting shackles of towed vehicle
-Deployment does not interfere with other vehicle accessories

Safety Factor 1.5
Weight 60 lbs
Length (Storage) 38.1?
Length (Extended) 53.4?
Tow Angle 30? (rated capacity)
2509-400-001 HMMWV Tow Bar

Tow_Bar Ibistek.pdf

Decon bottle

9 10 2012


Final result! Humvee m1026

Decontamination botle humvee

9 10 2012


Bevestiging van de breacket. Links achterscherm van de humvee. Zie stowage plan

Installation kit PGLR (hummer navigatie)

14 07 2012

Instalation kit voor de PLGR op het audio deck!
Tevens de steun voor de gps antenne en installatie voorbeelden.

PLGR Humvee

14 07 2012

This is a PLGR (Navi) for a humvee. Some people ask why need a navi in your humvee the only way for a humvee is “up and over it”!

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